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Dr. Raney Goose Creek Dental Clinic

We perform services from restorations to prosthetics, root canal treatment, extractions, implant placements, implant over dentures, same-day crowns, and limited braces for esthetic purposes. At Goose Creek Dental Clinic we use 3D imaging and cone beam CT.

At Goose Creek Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on same-day service, and gladly accept emergency cases. Dr. Raney’s philosophy is “I work for you”. His number one goal is to listen to the concerns of every patient. Talking a patient through treatment options to accommodate their needs is what he does best. He strives to design a comprehensive plan for every unique person.


Here at Goose Creek Dental Clinic, we understand that growing and improving our technolog is essential to modern dental care. That is why we use state of the art technolog to give our patients a quick, reliable and painless diagnosis and treatment.

Digital X-rays Performing a digital x-ray is just like conducting a traditional dental x-ray. The difference is that the images are available on the computer screen almost immediately. During the exam, you will be instructed to bite down on a digital sensor, which resembles the traditional bitewings used in conventional dental x-rays. Once the x-ray is administered, the sensor sends the image to the computer where it can be viewed by you and your dentist. This can be used to reduce radiation by up to 90% while also giving superior image quality and an easy file format to lessen the hassle of transferring your dental records.
Cone Beam CT While digital X-rays only give you a two dimensional image, our CT technologies can offer you a full 3D image of your mouth and jaw. With high resolution and 3D full color images, we can get an extremely detailed and accurate map of your teeth and gums. We use this 3D model to better plan and eliminate the need to take a traditional impression, making your visit quicker.
Intraoral Camrea An Intraoral Camera is a highly advance camera allowing us to get a close-up image inside your mouth. With a device just the size and shape of a dental mirror, it has a built in light source and allows us to stream live video and images from your mouth to our computer. This allows us to get a better look at your dental health and needs. This also allows you to see your beautiful, healthy teeth and gums the way we see them. Images taken with the Intraoral Camera can be printed out and sent to specialists, and insurance companies.
CAD/CAM Restorations When a tooth needs a restoration, we can often use CAD/CAM technology. The letter "CAD/CAM" stand for "Computer Aided Design" and "Computer Aided Manufacturing". We can use this technology to custom-design and fabricate tooth-colored restorations, crowns, onlays, inlays, or veneers, all in one appointment. CAD/CAM restorations are often the best choice for a healthy, beautiful, and natural looking smile.